I began working with Bull Moose Financial prior to opening my start up dental practice ten years ago. They were an excellent resource, and I don’t believe my transition from associate to business owner would have happened as seamlessly without their advice and guidance. As a small business owner, the “wearing of many hats” is mandatory, and it is extremely reassuring to know that sound financial guidance is only a quick text or email away. In addition, I have relied on them for personal financial advice as well as assistance in making decisions to benefit production in my office.

Stephanie Murphy, DDS

Glendale, WI

Bull Moose Client Testimonials

Bull Moose Financial is all about relationships. Our clients are the lifeblood of our company and without them, we’d be nothing. We’re not just here to organize your finances, we want to be a partner in your business. If you ever need advice or the support of a second opinion, know that we’re here for you when you need us most.

Here’s what everyone is saying:

I started using Bull Moose Financial because I ask a lot of questions and was very intrigued about the flat fee model and dental-specific accounting service. Their flat fee model allows me to ask questions without having to worry how much each question will cost. Sometimes I worried if I was asking too much or taking up too much of their time, but I have not once gotten any complaint from the team. Their response time is absolutely impressive, and it really resonates with my own business philosophy. During the COVID-19 shutdown, they gave us reliable guidance and broke down our options very clearly with pros and cons of each choice. I’m very happy to have found Bull Moose as my accounting professionals. It really feels as if I have a close family friend who just happens to be an accountant.

Henry Huang, DDS, Bethlehem Family Dental