We love small businesses. It’s what led us to start our own. We’re dedicated to providing exceptional service to owners and entrepreneurs who are out there taking risks every day.

Bull Moose is led by founding partner Mike Bark, a former partner at Edge Advisors, who has 20 years of financial services experience under his belt. Mike and the rest of the Bull Moose team are all about digging in and working hard to give our clients the support and no-nonsense advice they deserve. ​


We take our name from the original bull moose, President Teddy Roosevelt himself. The famously robust, outspoken man quipped to journalists that he felt “fit as a bull moose,” thus earning a nickname for himself and his newly formed Progressive party.

The nickname was solidified when, while delivering a speech here in Milwaukee, a would-be assassin shot him in the chest. Roosevelt went ahead and delivered the speech anyway, letting the crowd know that “it would take more than that to kill a bull moose.”

Here at Bull Moose Financial, we’re inspired by Roosevelt’s energy, and his unwavering belief that the true measure of someone’s character is their determination to get back up after a setback and keep fighting until they triumph. ​

We like to think we embody this spirit. We know our clients do.


Mike Bark
Mike BarkPartner | CPA | CVA | MS
Andrew Witt
Andrew WittPartner | CPA | MS
Meagan Rutkowski
Meagan RutkowskiPartner | BBA | MAcc | CPA
Ryan Walsh
Ryan WalshPartner/CPA/MS Taxation
Sue Biewer
Sue BiewerPayroll Specialist